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Relaxing is not a crime. 

Soffta (Softa) is the Swedish slang for “relax, chill, take it easy’. It pretty much sums up what we are all about. We are all about life and our mutual love for it. Whether it’s with our feet in the sand, our eyes glancing over the mountains, wheels on the concrete or our hands to the sky, ears to the speakers. We`re all about life and our mutual love for it.


It was 2008, when MJ was still going strong as well as the crowd at Roskilde festival. On that specific sunny afternoon, with brews in our hands and an inflatable sofa to kick back in, it all started. For a brief an unattended moment, a couple of guys forgot their manners and walked away with our sofa. When we finally found it, we noticed them enjoying themselves over a few brews. Just like us. They saw potential in the moment. We say potential in the moments yet to come.

aboutNickels for love!

A lot of people thought that we were crazy to put all our savings into buying sofas, import sunglasses and to embark on a traveling circus. But in comparison to what we’ve gained since then, it was quite an easy trade. In seven years time, we have travelled the world, set up our brand and are able to ship our sunglasses worldwide, free of charge. Now, everyone can rock in our shades! At this moment in time, we are focusing on promoting our brand in as many as creative ways we can. We have been to over 50 events with our bus, caravan and promoting tent, always bringing our relaxed and open mindset in.

Creating a zone where everyone is invited. Welcome to be part of it all.

”We are a generation that circles the globe. Always in search of something we haven’t tried before. Never refusing an invitation. Never resist the unfamiliar, fail to be polite, and never outstay your welcome. Just keep your mind open. Suck the experience in. And if it hurts, it is probably worth it.

Live simple, live free. Trust me, it is paradise.” 

If there is anything that you’re wondering about. Want to share. Or if you have any wicked ideas, please feel free to contact us ( And last but certainly not least. THANK YOU. As it its for you, our customers, the beautiful people at the festivals, retailers, partners, family and friends our work wouldn’t be possible at all. And..always keep in mind ”relaxing is not a crime”.

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