Surf Ranch


”Come and take a break from society all musts and bullshit have to’s.”

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We will present a dream come true The Soffta Surf Ranch located on the beautiful tropical Siargao Island, Philippines! An amazing small island with great surf, genuinely happy people, Jungles of palm threes, beautiful beaches and a big lot of 2000m2 for our creative madness to continue and expand on.

If you met us before I think you might get the idea of where we are heading?!

We will bring the ”Soffta feeling” from festivals and events and create a place free from judgment where everyone’s invited and no one is left behind.

Here we don’t even have to mention the word equality as it goes without saying. Come and take a break from society all musts and bullshit have to’s. We will create our own reality, live simple, close to nature where time and space will seem irrelevant.

Join us and experience waves of the crystal clear water of the pacific, make new friendship, be creative, play music and of course full on surf.

We are now closing the circle and the meaning of our catch phrase ”relaxing is not a crime” has never been more accurate.

Simply a place that Lenny. K was talking about in 1987, a place where we let love rule!