Jesper Trägårdh


Jesper “Jeppe” Trägårdh, thats me! I was born the 18th of September 1999, and this sitewill mostly cover all about my passion: Skiing! I have been skiing since I was four years old, and ever since i started, jumps and bumps has been the most interesting for me in the slopes. At the age of seven I joined Leksand Snowboard & Freestyle Club.

During winter we practise twice a week. We have a really cool local hill, Witch Mountain, wich is small but has really cool features. In the weekends I often go to the bigger parks in Sälen. It´s just a two hour drive away. Competing is something I like to do, and theresults is often really good. Though I am quite young I have participated in more than 50 competitions.


Jeppe Trädgårds recap 2014