Le Betrè

”If you close your eyes and pretend that you are not in Falun in 2013, one might think that you are in England, and that the year is 1972. But if you choose to keep your eyes open you also get the aesthetic that this music requires. The entire band’s performance feels very professional, and the vocals, well, I don’t know when I last heard a voice like that.” – Dalarnas daily newspaper DT.se

Lé Betre is Marcus Jonsson on vocals/guitar, Anders Westman on guitar, Roger Lysén on Bass and Jonas Sahlberg on drums.






Marcus Jonsson is driving in C-way blacks:




Anders Westman is driving in 60`s black:




Roger Lysèn is doing ninja kicks in Wingmans Black:




Jonas Sahlberg is driving in Wingmans Black / White: